Monday, 19 January 2009

To My Dad..My Poppzy...

This may not rhyme...words in tht might even seem odd.....but all conts here is anything else doenst matter at all......
From far accross the sea, a dream that I always see,
For today tomorrow and always, with you I want to be.

I remeber the fantacy, I saw while sitting on your knee
I grew up fast as a tree, and I flew off like a bee....

And I m all grown up now, still need ur help some how
I will ask for every deed, thought I know you will allow..

To me you're the greatest , the best dad there ever was
Who brings me joys always,and my personal santa claus....

I hope I do everything, whatever you've wished for
As the time passes by I love you more and more...

For today, tomorrow and always, with you I want to be,
From as far as I see, I am stil little girl of my daddiiee......

Monday, 17 November 2008


હર એક શમણઓ કંઇ સાકાર નથી હોતા,
હર એક કલ્પનાઓ ને કંઇ આકાર નથી હોતા,

જગતમા સૌને કંઇ કોઇના આધાર નથી હોતા,
જોકે સૌ કોઇ પણ િનરાધાર નથી હોતા.

ઉડવુ હોય આકાશ પણ અપાર નથી હોતા,
રડવુ હોય આંસુ પણ પારાવાર નથી હોતા.

ઈચ્છા તો હોય ઘણી, મક્કમ િનર્ધાર નથી હોતા,
કદાચ એટલે જ હરેક શમણા સાકાર નથી હોતા.......

Friday, 3 October 2008

Glimpses of the Old Man,,!!!

May be for the first time I am posting totally randon thought....I wont blame u if u dont read ahead.!

That was like my everyday journey from work to home. Catching bakerloo line train, sitting with mass of people, reading some random book and never bothering who's around. I hardly even notice the stations passes by n I never have idea who's sitting or standing besides me.

It was paddington station I remember ,an old Indian man (gujju looking too) got on the train, n because of the office off hours trafic, he didnt get the seat to sit. And for some heavenly reason I did noticed the Indian looking old man. As he was standing right next to me, I nearly stood up to offer him the seat as I could stand and he can not. As a gesture of saying no to my offering he patted on my cheek, and people arond me got surprised by his action. To people here in England that might be a gesture of harassing someone or may be something else, but I undersood that was a gesture the old man can show to his daughter, grand daughter. He said " no I am alright beta, dont worry about me. This old man can stand." I smiled and got back into my book again.

Few more stations passed by and the train got bit more crowded, I looked again at the old man n he looked at me too with a 100% genuin smile. I said "You sure you don't want the seat? Will you be alright?" He said "How can you read the book in the train with this concentration, I can never do that?" What a random reply!!! n that to filled with pure emotions and a friendliness as if he knows me since my childhood........A few station later a seat further down mine, got empty n he got the place, I don't know from there, which station he got off, where did he go, I think I did look out for him but couldnt' see him anymore......

I felt like i had seen him before, his face looked so familiar, But I bet i never had seen him, thts just how I felt about him. I still remember his face and the 100% genuin smile and the voice. I might never forget that,,or I will forget that, I dont know. One thing is for sure, I liked that old man, I remeberd of my grandpa.

I am little odd, I never look or smile at the stranger. Even if they smile, I frown. But I smiled at that old man,so did he. My smile was not that 100% genuin but his was!!! I might not see him again.....but I guess It was very nice to have Glimpses of the OLD MAN............

Monday, 18 August 2008

ઍવુ પણ કયારેક બન્યું હશે.......

સીધી હથેળીમા ક્યારેક રહ્યુ જળ હશે,
કે પછી દરિયામા ખીલ્યુ કમળ હશે,
ઍવુ પણ કયારેક બન્યું હશે,
કે રણમાં લગ્યો દાવાનળ હશે.

કાંટાઓની ભાવના કયારેક કોમળ હશે,
ને નાનું ખાબોચિયું પણ દળદળ હશે,
ઍવુ પણ કયારેક બન્યું હશે,
કે પી શકાય એવા ઝાંઝવાના જળ હશે.

ધોર અંધારે શમણાઓ જળહળ હશે,
ને બંધ પાણીમા રહી ખળખળ હશે,
ઍવુ પણ કયારેક બન્યું હશે,કે
સ્મિત પાછળ વેદનાઓ પ્રબળ હશે.......

Friday, 11 July 2008


હુ પણ ક્યારેક ક્યારેક્ કમાલ કરુ છુ,
તુ પ્રેમ કરે છે અને હુ સવાલ કરુ છુ.

ભુલી જાય છે તુ મોટી મોટી વાતો અને,

હુ નાની નાની વાતો પર બબાલ કરુ છુ.

હુ કાઇ પણ બોલુ, મને બધુ માફ,

ને તુ કાઇ બોલે તો હુ ધમાલ કરુ છુ.

કદાચ હશે જુદી રીત આપણી પ્રેમ કરવાની,

તુ પ્રેમ મા જવાબ આપે,ને હુ પ્રેમ માં સાવાલ કરુ છુ....

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Life-the game

Life is a glorious game only if you play it right and fair. It gives and takes, builds and breaks but ultimately, he surely wins who tries and plays with full honesty. Few fails even by trying, and few wins who wait. They fail, they only fail who haevtn striven with the honesty.

Our great glory is not in 'never failing' but the real glory is in 'Rising every time wee fall'. Defeat can serve as a victory to shake your soul and get the glory out.

There is always a battle to be faught before the coveted victory is won. Too many of us feel that they should have the victory before the battel, and that is the only cause of failing. And that battel lasts until u actually win, so all you have to do is to be patient to win.

Great minds have purposes whereas others only have wishes. And a wish can never be achivement until it becomes the goal, the purpose. Little minds are tamed and subdued by seeming setbacks and minor misfortunes, but great minds rise above them.

Always have a purpose, and treat life as a fair game where every one has a chance to win. You just have to fight until your chance comes...............................................

Good luck

Thursday, 15 May 2008

રસ્તો તો એક જ છે, મારા ઘર થી કબર સુધીનો,,,,
કોઇ માટે લાકડા, તો કોઇ મુમતાઝ માટે સંગેમરમર સુધીનો.....

તરસ કોઇ પણ રહેશે નહી અંતે આ મનમા,,,,
તફાવત રહેશે નહિ પછી રણ કે ઝરમર સુધીનો.....

ચાલવાનુ શરુ કરે ત્યારથી દોડે છે મંજિલ તરફ્,,,
અંતિમ મંજિલ તો એક જ છે, સવાલ છે એની સબર સુધીનો.....

ખુબ મેળવ્યુ દોડી દોડી, અંતે શુ વળવાનુ છે,,,,,
કબર તો નાની જ હશે, મહેલ ભલે હોય અંબર સુધીનો.....